Corporate Diversity Training 

Social Interaction Training

  • Cultural and Racial Reconciliation

  • Corporate Interaction and Diversity Training

  • Scholastic Non-Violence Training

  • Lecture Series Related to the Topic

Graduate Level Education Thesis and Dissertation Culture

  • Thesis Preparation and Development

  • Dissertation Proposal and Defense Preparation Assistance

  • Dissertation Editing

Cultural Representation and Interaction Training for African-American Males

  • Principles of US Political Engagement

  • Kingian Non-Violence Curriculum for Intercultural Reconciliation

  • Lecture Series Related to the Topic

Radio, Social Media, and Media Political Voice and Personality

  • Principles Power under Control 

  • 3 D Understanding 

Books and Lecture Series

  • Moves That Matter Leadership Series

  • Moves That Matter Daily Spiritual Devotionals for Men, Women, Youth and Millennial College Students

  • Moves That Matter Leadership Paraphernalia

  • Ministerial Training for IRS Engagement, Sermon Preparation

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